5 Questions with Tracey_Kessler…Ramble

I was fortunate enough to chat with Tracey at a book launch last year for Kristin Harmel. She definitely knew how to make Chubby Checker laugh and I knew we would be friends. A year later my new artist friend is on the brink of leaving the Isle of Manhattan. She was also kind enough to let me use images of her amazing work for this post. Thank you Madam Artist!

Location: New York but soon to be San Francisco (again)
Vocation:  Artist
Sign: Gemini
Website: traceykessler.com

1. Where can people find your artwork?

On my website but I am looking for gallery representation!  Emerging artist that needs to be discovered after 20 years of painting.

2. What advice could you give on how to buy art for those who would like to dabble but feel it might be beyond their understanding?

Buy what you love and what moves you.  Go with your gut instinct.  If you have a weak gut, I would consider researching dealer’s, curators, academic professors in the colleges and pay attention to what is happening in the art markets. Todd Levin, Kenny Schachter, Marion Callis are a few to follow beside the big names of Larry Gagosian, Mary Boone or Jeffrey Dietch.   There are many talented artist not discovered so pay attention to group shows, juried shows and pop-up shows around town.  A great film that is inspiring is called Herb & Dorothy about Herb & Dorothy Vogel, a postal worker and librarian who filled their 1-br NYC apt with art they loved and amassed a world re-known art collection.

3. You’ve lived and worked as an artist in SF and NY. What is the difference in the art scenes in these cities?

Well,  I had an interior design business in the Bay Area and have focused more on my art in New York. Obviously, New York is the center of the art world but the Bay area has produced some incredible artists and has some notable galleries.  And well the difference is that big body of water called the Pacific and those Redwoods are just to die for!  Making art in the Bay Area is just peaceful while making it in New York, well, need I say more 🙂

4. How has being on social media enhanced your career?

The Last Moments

I’ve gotten to know many more artists, curators, dealers and gallery owners.  Also, the chatter, banter and seeing other’s work in mid-process between artists is quite fun.  The art critic for the New York magazine, Jerry Saltz has quite a lively Facebook wall that can get pretty rowdy.  It’s a good place to go to at 2 a.m. if you are on dead-line and want so have some random art speak to shake up your evening without leaving the house.

5. As a longtime dog lover, what are some tips you have for keeping a dog happy in an urban setting?

Aww, come on Colleen, you want my insider deal for your little Elle.  Does she need a doggie play date with the Sam man?!  He is kept happy with his assortment of Greenies, Moo Cow and Bear.  The studio visits help too as he thinks people are just coming to see him.  The ego on this pup is something else.

Note: Of course I do!

p.s. Art Lovers Do Something Good Right Now!


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