The Manzos are Punks…Ramble

The season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was one of the most interesting episodes of the season. After Dina left mid-way through the season, the ties with Danielle became looser and looser since the Manzos & Teresa’s family rarely interacted with Ms. Staub.

Danielle shared a mutal friend, Kim G, with former BFF, Jacqueline to connect the two parties but it felt forced and ridiculous watching Kim go back and forth between the two homes.

Red hair= clown?

In the conclusion to the season (not counting the two hours of reunion catfighting commencing next Monday), Mama Manzo called for a sit down with Danielle. Danielle’s ex-con friend, Danny, who has had a lot of camera time this season due to Danielle’s inability to maintain female friendships, incited her to think Caroline had masterminded all the bad behaviour this year. If you watch the show you will know Caroline completely took the opposite stance. It was sad to see how easy it is to mislead and instigate drama with Danielle.  I felt pretty bad for her.

Consistent with her avoidance tactics all season long, Caroline addressed the larger Manzo Clan including the children on making a pact to go and end all the drama with Ms. Staub. She should’ve said “let’s all promise to Sttttaub it.” I kid, I kid.

The conversation was civil to a point and then Danielle couldn’t defend her going after Jacqueline’s ill-behaved daughter, Ashley who pulled her extensions at a country club event. The final shot of Ashley said she had to pay a fine of $189 and the harassment charges were dismissed by the judge.

We were once again treated to an awkward moment of false victory when Danielle went home to tell her two daughters it was all over with the Manzos. They didn’t seem very impressed when their mother when she introduced the two body guards she hired for her sitdown with Caroline. Danielle had proclaimed she was bringing “Danielle’s Mafia!” and “There’s guys here with guns!” prior to meeting with Manzo. Danielle’s best comeback to Caroline’s accusations she is a clown and garbage was to point out that Caroline has red hair which makes her the clown. Oh, beat up on a ginger!   Um. Danielle take a class in zingers instead of kick boxing.

There’s no way that Bravo can pull this off for a third season. If you just can’t get enough of being STAUBBED watch her “performance” with featuring her possible lover on the morning show. The dancers were imported from 1989.

I dedicate ‘Family’ to Caroline who towed the line that hurting her family, is hurting her:


2 thoughts on “The Manzos are Punks…Ramble

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  2. LOL Jacquinlynn (mispelled for ur enjoyment) you got zero – nobody likes you . I expect Caroline to be first – Caroline read angelofdevs about you-eye opening OCD report. My favourite is Danielle and girls you can’t bring her down. She has more class than all of you. Jackquinlynn can’t control your own daughter. hahaha Teresa you are just a mess. You won’t clean up your act probably forever because you are so under all your own bologna that you are even trying to make the public think you are in denial. Probably going to ask – what does that mean? your standard question. haha
    Dina – we have heard alot about you via the web – just read the book – sorry you left or am I? To the husbands of these girls, you’re all gentlemen, kind, understanding, knowledgeable and trusting. Men – please these words I refer to your wives. Think of what they mean. All of you are great men and hopefully you can finally get them under control. Joe you are a dear. The wife Joe – she must go !! You deserve the children. You would bring the children up with better values than your wife. Peace to all .. Danielle- you are doing just fine. Truthfully though don’t involve your children as much into your own business – they need to have separation of your problems. Find an adult you really trust even if that is a therapist and not the heavens/buzzz lady. LOL Peace to the good people in this writing.

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