The Lars(son) Effect…Ramble

What is the Lars(s)on Effect?

It’s more than suffering an untimely death at the brink of your creative peak and posthumous recognition like Van Gogh- the effect of having these works be successful but needing some tweaking. Rentheads, don’t be offended but I would rather light my own candle then listen to that song again…!

“The Larsson Effect” thus far involves two different writing Larsons:

a) Jonathan Larson creator of Broadway sensation “Rent” who died after being misdignosed at 2 hospitals, just several hours after giving an interview to The New York Times about “Rent” moving to Broadway. Rentheads are probably familiar with Anthony Rapp, the originator and still sometimes performing role of “Mark”, writing about the earlier days of “Rent” and the death of both his mother and Larson in his autobiography Without You. Good news: Rapp is workshopping Without You into a musical and it is a serious tear jerker just like the book. Oh @albinokid I still cry thinking about this.

b) Stieg Larsson who was a journalist, activist and writer of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy. According to his bio his heart attack was a heart attack which may or may not have been suspect. Hmm. In any event, he died shortly after turning in the 3 manuscripts. According to the NY Times there is a 4th book he was merely 100 pages from finishing which his long time lover, Eva Gabrielsson has in her possession. Since they never married to avoid Sweden’s law of married couples having to disclose their addresses (what!?) due to numerous death threats for Larsson’s political work, Eva received nothing when Stieg passed. Ouch.

As for Stieg’s triology… the writing style is like being hit with a blunt object. He goes ad nauseum into hawking Apple computer equipment his heroine Salander uses, the food everyone eats, but fails to including distances between places. Suggestion: add a map of Sweden in future additions kindly and a reference section at the back for those of us not familiar with Maundy Thursday, etc.) and perhaps some names changes since there are 5 (maybe more) characters in The Girl Who Played With Fire that begin with the letter B. Really.

I say check out the movies instead. I only got ‘involved’ in the story 500 pages into The Girl Who Played With Fire and have not bothered to open the final finished installement even though the ending was a decent cliffhanger, unlike the first book which tied everything up in a neat bow.

There you have it. This is a case when the movies smooth over some of the things I

Knock me down with a mere feather...not!

don’t like about the books i.e. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (please refrain from sending me any work by this author.) It is odd to me so much fuss was made over the casting of Salander yet, director David Fincher cast Daniel Craig as Blomkvist? He gets the crap beaten out of him in both the first and second books.


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