Entertain Me!…Ramble

It’s August and your brain is fried just like your skin that you bake on the beaches of the world. You still need to be entertained and did you know it’s considered being “green” to goto the movies? You’d be in a crowd situation using a/c instead of being at home individually using a/c. 🙂

Spring Break Can Be RoughOut in Theaters: Piranha 3-D: This has a stellar cast that includes an amazing wink wink at the beginning as Richard Dreyfus sings “Show Me The Way To Go Home”– the same song his ill-fated Capt. Hooper did in Jaws . Holla if you think he might be the first victim.  Ding, ding, dinner’s on children.

The cast also includes the wonderful Elizabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Jerry O’Connell as a Girls Gone Wild type which lead to the best line…SPOILER “They ate my penis.” There are plenty of oiled breasts, breasts and even some teen romance which make me staying on dry land but dang, this is one fun movie.

The audience peanut gallery will be screaming out comments like “Bite that ass!” “It’s feeding time” “Damn, now they’re not hungry anymore?” so come ready to laugh. I think audience cracks are a must enhancement during this kind of feeding frenzy so enjoy.

As for naysayers, you may say the image to the left could’ve been pulled out of ‘Spring Break Shark Attack’ and I wouldn’t disagree with you but the gore allowed in an R-rated film is a lot more brutal and this is in 3-D! (It’s come a long way since Jaws 3-D!)

Alternative: Brainteaser Inception.

Night In Viewing: Ghost Writer: Now available through Amazon Video On Demand (where I watched it) or to own through all the usual suspects… this thriller stars Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor in a mind-bender that has a twist you don’t really see coming. The setting for Pierce’s character former Prime Minister, Lang, is cold, distant and perfect. The house is decorated with artwork by my favorite modern artist, Cy Twombly creating that facade of perfection with turmoil lying underneath. I’m not certain if this was only in limited-release in theatre run since it was directed by Roman Polanski but wow, I’m so glad I got to see it now.


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