Real Jers on Vacay…Ramble

Monday marks the 2nd half of an I-talian vacation to Italia starring Teresa & her brood, Caroline & her husband Albert, her brother Chris and Housewife Jacqueline plus both of their parents.

Part 1 kicked off with what felt like a staged explanation of Tre’s hubbie, Joe, smashing his car and getting a DUI at 2AM. The explanation was that he was right in front of his father’s house (or a neighbor’s house according to Teresa’s blog) and being shaken up, Joe went straight for the booze. Jacqueline injected that they’d all gone to dinner and he hadn’t been drinking in what felt forced. However, it nicely tied as their excuse to go abroad to get away from ‘all the drama.’

It was nice to see everyone having fun for a change! The highlight for me was hearing Joe talking about Teresa running off in search of “The Chanels Store.” Joe seems to be mentioned purse tightening more and more yet he takes all four daughters –including the newborn plus grandparents on the trip with him. Wowza! Even Papa Joe is generous but he’d better get a financial advisor.

Sadly I saw a parked car yesterday with a desperate plea for work as an executive assistant. The cover of Newsday beheld a senior woman having a sign over her that pretty much said the same thing.

Is it fun to watch Joe and Tre despite their money woes? I’m not sure. I can’t help but worry about them when I see them setting up a private dinner for a 4 year old’s birthday. That being said, the lavish DC Housewives could steamroll all of the Jers spending in half an hour.

As a viewer it was nice to take a break from feeling, even through the screen, threatened by Danielle, who only made a brief appearance at her favorite diner with her ex-con ‘muscle’ Danny. (By having him around to be the muscle she is able to spread Love and Light. That’s a hard smack down if you are not full of love and light…..) It was an even bigger relief not having to watch another attempt for drama by Kim G (who threw a cloth napkin at Danielle the week before–not quiet as good as Teresa’s flipping a table last year…..!) at all! Thank you Bravo!

Part Duex will have more Danielle and more group vacation activities. Let the awkward family moments ensue!


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