Crush of the Week: Enrique…Ramble

Many hold the view that Enrique Igelisias is caso mas grande. Baby, I like it. I wasn’t expecting anything too much when I went to see him at Radio City Music Hall a few years back but he is so charming he left me and my snarky companion leaving like two little teenagers with a crush.

It was during a random run backstage to meet some of those Pussycat Dolls (they were opening for Black Eyed Peas) with the label folk leading us through winding hallways, that I came eye-to-eye unexpectedly with the brown-eyed crooner. Kapow! I was hit with a rush of excitement, then he smiled and it was like a Batman episode from the 70’s “Zow! Ping! Zonk! Kablam!” all in mere seconds as our thrilling chase down corridors ensued.

Now I can help but be enchanted once and find myself more often than not signing “Baby I Like It!!!!” as I race on the freeways this summer. Round round and low low, it’s the time to dance and enjoy the fun.


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