CRUMBS just opened on Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights today.

Hello Delish! Goodbye Diet!

Although the free samples are nice- I wasn’t that impressed by the red velvet one. They don’t need to overdo it with sprinkles. One nibble was enough. I preferred the cookies and cream one-something I normally wouldn’t try but a) it was free
b) got to sample new Ben & Jerry’s Cookies-n-Cream at the Mashable Meet-Up the other night and it was delish (2nd highlight next to witnessing cardboard full-size cutout of Mashable founder Pete “Hottie Scottie” Cashmore being boosted!)

Do not attempt to eat the colossal cupcake on your own!

Major bonus: for the next two weeks CRUMBS is giving complimentary hot or cold delish coffee with any purchase- I laughed as I passed by Starbucks (too bitter for my taste anyway!) across the street. Thanks CRUMBS! They are also giving out full sized cupcakes this Saturday. WERD who’s coming over?

Decisions, decisions!

BTW, also awesome is the debate in the ‘hood whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Retailers have had issues staying open on Montague. I’m all for it. It’s clean, it’s yummy and it’s not another Ricky’s (3rd one opening on the block seriously!!)


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