Do You Believe in Persuasion?…Ramble

Tim Finn on a Bottle!

Last night I went to see dreamy Tim Finn at City Winery. I have wanted to check out that venue for a while and we were seated at a very small table with a father and son who were also big Finnheads.

The set list did include Tim’s solo work (Persuasion; Couldn’t Be Done) Split Endz (Six Months In A Leaky Boat; I Hope I Never) Finn Brothers (Everyone Is Here; Won’t Give In) and even ‘It’s Only Natural’ from the ‘Woodface’ album (his only album with Crowded House.)

The highlight had to be ‘Dirty Creature’ though where the entire band was on fire with enjoyment. Though Tim’s vocals were a bit touch-and-go it’s the imperfections that make him ‘one of us’ and relatable. The venue was full of long time Finnheads who would have had a good time if Tim had just spent the night telling stories.

The Tim Finn wine was a syrah. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had and having cut down on my wine intake that was a bit disappointing but it’s one premium item any true fan would want. I did pick up a bottle for a friend who loves Tim and had to have it but couldn’t be there. No need to open it, this one might get even better with age, just like Tim.


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