History is Written By The Winners…Ramble

From Elinatozzi.nl

Last night during the season premiere of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ viewers were instantly flung into the stress of cleaning up and severing ties with RZ’s protegé Tay-Tay Taylor Jacobson. (I’m sure she got sick of being called Tay-Tay so many times that’s what drove her over the edge!)

I just kept hearing “lawsuit” in my head while Rach and her hubbie Roger accused Tay of stealing clothes, screwing up invoices and an assortment of other betrayals on-camera without Taylor having a way to countermand that. Taylor can’t deny that she had a seriously bad attitude during the past two seasons of the show as she spent most of last season saying she needed to leave, but fortunately she is succeeding and realized she doesn’t need to strike back with a reality show of her own. Good for Tay. That makes me root for her, which was hard to do when she was constantly bitching on the show. In a recession it was seriously hard to relate to anything Taylor seemed to stand for but in the aftermath of her splitting from RZ Inc. Taylor has gone on to bigger and better things and yeah I mean styling superstars like the gorgeous Kate Beckingsale. Sometimes it’s hard to work for someone else when you are the one with the better ideas.

As for RZ, she was ridiculous going to a beach shoot in 6 inch tall boots. She had to be carried down to the set and then they found something for her to stand on — while Demi Moore mocked her. Yeah Rach, you are bananas.

Always entertaining, assistant Brad was all too ready to step into Tay’s stilettos skid marks just like when he pulled an Ann Hathaway and took her Tay’s spot in Paris (she told him too -so twisted). All is happy when RZ’s ego is being stroked. This season will show off more actual celebs clientele like Gwen Stefani. Why does Gwen who is a fashion icon and has her own successful L.A.M.B. line of clothes and bags need styling? Guess we’ll have to watch what happens.

If waiting til next week for the next installment of The RZ Project, check out Funnyordie’s Amy Phillips as Rachel Zoe in Real Life. It’s to diiiiie for….


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