Oh Christine Sweet 16…Ramble

I apologize for the slow feedback on this week’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Elle got spayed on Monday so sorry Bravo, it was really the last thing on my mind that day.

On to disecting: I think the entire episode could have been more intriguing if it had just been focused entirely on Danielle Staub’s model-in-training Christine.

Danielle kept telling her youngest daughter Jillian who was singing at the party that this was a ‘really big deal.’ What? I didn’t see any decanters of scotch or bookshelves that smell of mahogany (That’s a Legend of Ron Burgundy reference…) but we did finally see the supposed ‘dead-beat dad’ in and his next wife. For all the crap she has said about this man, Danielle’s kids were over the moon to see him and Danielle kept profusely thanking him for coming declaring “This is a new beginning” in her confessional and then as usual conflicting her seemingly ‘love & light’ attitude with “I know Jillian better than he does.”

Danielle also declared herself the best mom in the world. Uh you told this 12 year old girl about 50 times that she would be singing infront of 350 so many times she was getting stomach (hello ulcer) pains.

Here’s my impression of Danielle and it’s no surprize Joan Crawford’s daughter was named Christina. Watch this clip and tell me you don’t agree:

In other Housewive action, Bravo ‘superexec’ Andy Cohen was discussing and roleplaying ‘The Real Housewives of New York’ epic reveal of Kelly “Batshit crazy” Bensimon’s behaviour for the first time in her meeting with Bethanny “I’ll do anything to be on camera even pee in my wedding dress for more airtime” Frankel. Watch what happens on Colbert’s site.

If you can’t get enough, there’s more laughter as these kids reenact Theresa’s table issues and Danielle’s need to be the center of attention on Babelgum.


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