Gwyneth Sings Again!…Ramble

In her upcoming film “Country Strong” released on my birthday Decemeber 22nd,   (*yes I love that!) Gwyneth Paltrow is singing again, this time with Tim McGraw. From the interviews (not the useless Vogue article) she’s been giving, she also had to ask hubbie Chris Martin to show her how to play the guitar. Love that. I can just imagine that conversation: “Oh Honey who’s written number one songs about moi, could you possibly pretend that I’m not burning holes in your eardrums while trying to master this skill?” That is true love.

RCA Nashville is pretty damn awesome for creating a website devoted to GP’s character in the film Kelly Canter. I got such a laugh when I read Wendy Geller’s review at Yahoo! since she always gave me a hard time about liking GP. Well, even a hater (and this is what I love about Wendy) can be objective when they hear a great song. That’s what a great music programmer can do and Wendy is a damn good but it still made me laugh thinking of her moaning about having to give props to Gwyneth.

I did learn The Martin clan are new dog owners and welcomed a little Maltese to their brood. Congrats! Puppy love is truly delicious.

To match her white decor, I thought GP might like to pick up this lil dog home:


Looks like that would nourish a pampered pooch’s inner spirit. 🙂


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