Crush of the Week: Christopher Nolan…Ramble

We have good hair.

Mr. Nolan you just blew my mind with “Inception.” It was a magnificent symphony with Leonardo DiCaprio (don’t they sort of look-alike?) leading us down your rabbit hole of delights and intrigues.

I came out of the theater today and knew I wasn’t in a dream because I would’ve preferred to be in arctic tundra today instead of melting into the sidewalks of Brooklyn and the oppressive heat strangling my movements.

I also admired Mr. Nolan’s cast for ‘Inception’ it was…..exceptional. It’s very exciting that Nolan has assembled a dream team to bring his decade long project ‘Inception’ to the big screen so artfully. Ken Wantanabe, Michael Caine, and Cillian Murphy were also all together for Nolan’s 1st Batman installment ‘Batman Begins.’

Spoiler alert!!!! It was particularly, not distracting, to note that Cillian’s evil doctor in ‘Batman Begins’ throws a bag over his head, then sprayed his victims with an airborne hallucinogen to induce insanity. The parallel was his character in ‘Inception’ gets ‘dream napped’ and has a bag placed over his head, then gets sprayed with something to induce his dreaming. Applause Mr. Nolan this little amusements of your’s are quite delightful.

What an imagination! I hope Nolan goes on to make many more films using these actors. As a director he also shines being able to bring Joseph Gordon Levitt to a more adult male role and pull Ellen Paige out of the ‘snarky hipster girl’ into a convincing dream architect.


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