Gwyneth’s Gilded Loft…Ramble

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Today I quickly absconded with my mother’s copy of Vogue with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover. I read the article and was wondering:

1) Where were any quotes from GP?

2) Why did Vogue print this?

3) Is Jeffrey Steingarten perhaps losing his mind? It’s hard to believe he is the ‘leading food writer in America’ but maybe that explains the lack of quotes….although he does list out questions he asked her via phone. Again…no answers -it was all set-up no execution. Then he sent her ‘an expensive’ set of peonies. Um…. is this an interview or a love letter? He sounds like he should be dating Bella in Twilight although she never has to cook for her men and looks like she doesn’t eat much…

Although I was seriously disappointed with the article, the photos were absolutely sensational and showed GP in her very own kitchen. For some reason this lead to me checking out more photos of her Tribeca Penthouse via

Is Gwyneth living in a gilded cage?

I know these were posted a while ago but …..perhaps you are not as into design and All Things Paltrow as I am:

Either way these photos of just her closets and hallway are far more interesting than that Vogue piece. I love the photo of Apple’s canopy bed (you have to visit TheHappyHomeBlog for more photos!) Every little girl deserves a place of enchantment to dream.


3 thoughts on “Gwyneth’s Gilded Loft…Ramble

  1. GP is gorgeous. I’d like to roll around in her massive billionaire bed! That thing is like 4 king size beds long!

    • I think she is pretty cool too. I like her style. Although it’s a bit muted, I think her real life is so colorful this color palate provides a place of tranquility in a city that never sleeps.

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