Thanks to Nutro ULTRA…Ramble

A few weeks ago Rocknroll_ELLE won a year’s supply of ULTRA dog food. I received the coupons this week and hauled home the first bag…it’s bigger than she is! This might be a two year supply!

We’re pretty excited about Ultra because it’s holistic and word has it, it adds years to a canine’s life. I’m all for that. Thank you ULTRA we’re trying the puppy brand first. I also bought a can of the wet food– it even has peas and carrots in it. Only the best for my Elle.

Yummy! All for moi!


2 thoughts on “Thanks to Nutro ULTRA…Ramble

  1. Aw thank you Hot Diggity. Elle had a great long walk this morning and played with a Senior (she loves seniors!), her favorite biker Frenchie “Dirty” and 2 brothers under 5 who giggle like madness when she likes them so all in all a very good walk and a great way to kick off the weekend.

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