I’m so Intrigued by this Crowded House…Ramble

My pal Saffy, Nick Seymour & Moi
I’ve been a really, truly, lucky longtime fan of Crowded House.

When I first was introduced to Crowded House as a young girl, I didn’t really like ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over.’ I found it depressing and sad and summing up the world as ick. Don’t tell a moody pre-teen that! Then I saw the video for ‘Something So Strong’ and it did…carry me away. After that I was hooked!

All I have to do is put on their first self-titled album and I’m home in Australia with fresh promise. I’d met them outside the Beacon Theatre during the Woodface tour and saw them at Roseland Ballroom when this new singer, Sheryl Crow opened for them (and shared a producer legendary Mitchell Froom. She and Neil also traded backing vocals on each other’s albums. Get your music geek on people!)

It bummed me out when they decided to break up especially since they had their free farewell concert at the Sydney Opera House. I’d only been back in the US a few months and my friends in Oz all went and said it was incredible. It was a very happy day when they decided to release a 10 year anniversary CD and DVD of it. I listen to the CDS & watch the DVD (thanks to EMI friend Jesse! The artwork was so amazing on a special edition I didn’t even realize that Neil had signed it until Jesse pointed it out!)

When Crowded House burst back on the scene after Paul’s unfortunate death, I was tentative. I wanted to love them as I always had so I got tickets to see them at The Glass House, close to Palm Springs. There were about 500 people and it was amazing the love that was there for them.

Liam Finn opened up and then joined from time to time on stage. Well, I have to say the banter I so dearly loved wasn’t flowing as much. The new music, as oft-times happens when a band has had a significant gap, in this case a decade, was not quite as amazing so I returned once again to the recorded live shows I have and made due with that instead.

I have to give EMI for reconnecting me with some other Crowdies amongst the music industry at a private concert at The Hotel Cafe in LA. There were less than 50 people. Seriously, that moment was the reason I signed up for the music industry. Neil was a mere arm’s throw. (I was even closer to Tim Finn when he played Largo. I told you I was lucky in my heyday!)

By the time they played The Greek Theater they were really coming together and the vibe was back. Hurrah!

It was with much anticipation I listened to the entire Intriguer album off of some very special person’s iPod. (I’m still lucky once in a while!) I was salvating for a copy but had to wait until my deluxe edition arrived yesterday from Amazon. (Yes, I will always pay for Crowded House. I love them!)

There is salvation once more. The music is there. The vibe is replenished. The soothing classic Crowded House sounds have come together in a way that if you skipped the last album, you need to come back for this one.

In their own lyrics “you will love this one as if we have made something magical.” Why yes you have!

Instant favorites aside from the single ‘Saturday Sun’:
Either Side of the World
Isolation *****
Twice If You’re Lucky (I should be so lucky, lucky…. I heart Kylie too)

I try to limit those instant favorites because I love the whole album. It’s just magic! Hurrah.

BTW the Deluxe version includes a DVD which I had to have because at this point Crowded House kicks off their US tour next week and sadly I am still ticketless at this point. I am hoping someone will come through on that end but I know if they don’t I may have to go see them in exotic Dirty Jers.

I just checked Crowded House has a great deal combo pack for the digital download and the physical deluxe for under 13 bucks.


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