5 Questions with @vcravid…Ramble

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The first time I met @vcravid she was part of Courtney Holt’s ‘new media’ department at Interscope. She was bold, funny and got right to the point. She was my kind of people. I was so glad we got closer when I moved out to LA. Ravid carved out what the digital space means to hip-hop marketing today.

Location: City of Angels
Vocation: Making Things Happen
Sign: Cancer

1) As a digital music wunderkind, what do you think are the essential when you are creating a digital marketing strategy for an artist?

I’m a big fan of concept. Identifying your point of view and whom your selling to and then being consistent in delivering that message through community. This means online (social networks), in your community (on the road) and within the music community (artists and industry influencers). Each one of these “communities” will create a vehicle for your music to be heard. If you are missing one, then you are unlikely to make it in the long run…

Specifically to digital, I don’t think that every artist should use every digital platform… if you don’t naturally gravitate towards and like a platform (twitter, blogs, live video streams), you may cause more harm by alienating your audience. Once again, consistency is key-find that way to that you do feel comfortable communicating and do that, and only that consistently.

2) Back in the Day your vocal pipes got you a start in the music industry. Why did you focus change to the business side and would you ever consider singing guest vocals on tracks?

I took an internship at a major label at 19 years old with the intent to learn about the business and meet people who could help my singing/songwriting career. Back than a major label would make you or break you and I saw some artists whom I believed to be talented not make it because one executive could control their path.. Being the control freak that I am, I couldn’t let that happen to me, so I decided to become that executive that would do whatever I could to MAKE YOU.

I always think about going back to writing, I miss that creative outlet, and if someone wanted me to get on a track, I would consider it. I love being a part of the creative process and even though I wasn’t in the A&R dept, I always made sure that my opinion was heard about the music we released – good or bad.

3) What are some of the most off-the-wall requests you’ve had from artists?

I had to really think about this one. I think that after such a long time in this industry, things no longer seem that off the wall. You get used to it as the normal every day crazy. I did find myself present for a bunch of ridiculous, movie like situations.

4) What projects were your most fun and memorable to carry out?

You can find me club body hard & lean

I was the first ever “urban” focused digital marketer at a label… this was back when digital was New Media, and we would get skipped over in the marketing meeting. But, I was blessed to work with an artist that was willing to try just about anything I suggested. He (50 Cent) also happened to be the biggest artist out at the time which only made the results that much bigger.. we built a model together… that was exciting.

I’ve always had fun no matter what, because I love music and really did care about a lot of my artists. Most recently, I loved working with Soulja Boy. I don’t think many expect that to be one of my most memorable projects, but he made me remember how I used to feel about music when I was a teenager. He is so smart, had so many ideas and was full of energy… he was just so happy to be here and I fed off of that energy. He obviously understood digital as a means to connect with his audience and we were able to use non-traditional means (at the time) like Youtube and mobile to break his records.

5) How has consulting allowed your creative juices to recharge?

I worked at the same label for 9 years.. You tend to get sucked into your environment and you sometimes forget why you wanted to do this in the first place… I now get to see things from a completely different angle and I get to choose to work with projects that inspire and people who drive me.

Currently, I’m concentrating on integrated marketing projects for brands that are looking to use music as a means to reach their audience. Creating that big idea that you get to implement on multiple platforms that touch all 3 cmmunities that I mentioned above.


2 thoughts on “5 Questions with @vcravid…Ramble

  1. Another fantastic selection for your Follow Friday interview series. I’ve been working with Ravid since the early 2000’s and she’s great!

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