Pet Etiquette…Ramble

Everyone loves bubble wrap! Elle was pretty happy popping the bubble wrap from the enormous George Michael framed poster. She’s cute isn’t she?

Cuteness is her superpower. She enchants many people. However, she needs to be trained and she needs to be safe! As Cesar Milan says other people touching your dog is about them, not your dog. Ignore them and train your dog.

I have a request:
1) Please always ask permission to pet someone’s furbaby.
2) If you have permission to pet that does not mean you can pick up the dog. Sadly women have lately been picking up my dog without asking and approaching us from behind.

This morning yet another random woman came up behind us and grabbed my puppy. She was seriously pissed off at me when I took her away from her. Thanks neighbor! Do I have to start grabbing human children if this keeps going on just to bring attention to how wrong this is????–even in a pet store you’d have to ask permission to touch the pets.

Why is this wrong?
1) it detracts dogs from their training
2) someone could get bitten & it’s not the owner’s fault (hello litigious society)
3) you might hurt the dog if you don’t know their situation ie if they have a bad back or something.
And most important of all: It’s not your dog!

Even when I’m talking to other dog owners while our pups socialize I ask permission if it’s okay to pet their dog. Obviously the good experiences outweigh the bad, but now that my pup’s health (one woman grabbed her so hard she popped her hip out of joint and now I’m stuck with a huge vet bill) and safety are being effected I’m forced to be the ‘do not touch my dog’ person which is taking away from Elle’s bliss and mine.


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