Dancing Soldier Face-Off…Ramble

Seeing how it’s Hades outside on the East Coast, now is a perfect time to check on your video viewing and stay indoors! In case you missed it, viral videos of soldiers dancing are cropping up on the net. Hey Mr. President does this seem like we really need U.S. soldiers still overseas? They have enough time to rehearse dance routines. It’s time to help end the recession and put those fellas to good use touring with Lady Gaga as back-up dancers.

Take a look at the two videos so we can all be on the same playing field with this face-off. Of course, US first:

Here’s their Israeli Counterparts ‘getting down’ to K$sha “Tic Tok” :

US: Telephone- when put in the contest of not being able to get a military call to/from your family cause you are on patrol and taking care of the nation, this makes a bit of sense.

ISRAEL: Tic Tok- brushing your teeth with Jack Daniels while armed with machine guns? Um, I’m so glad I live in the US.

WINNER: USA this upbeat ditty can take any dull situation and make it fun.

US: These fellas practiced. It gets off to a slow, unimpressive start. There are some ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ overtones of gay acceptance especially when it progresses to the group shots. The routine was on-point before the fellas lost their enthusiasm towards the end. (This is my argument for all karaoke-cover songs should only be 2 minutes or less!)

ISRAEL: While these fellas go from an actual patrol to waving their guns in a coordinated dance routine, they won’t get a call to be the new N’ SYNC any time soon.

WINNER: US for originality. Bobby Brady wasn’t allowed to play ball in the house and he only broke a vase. The Israeli Soldiers have machine guns in their hands….. yes, I’ll write it again.

US: The guys had props, different backdrops and clearly rehearsed. It’s funny, original and a great morale booster. I’m sure it cut up the tension quite nicely.

ISRAEL: This is the holy-crap-that-is-so-wrong-but-I-have-to-watch-it kind of sick humor. They kept it brief and ‘soldiered on.’


OVERALL WINNER: USA is a slam dunk for originality, costumes, moves, laugh factor and being indoors as a group project. The Israeli soldiers have GUNS in their hands and are dancing with them while occupying streets none of the citizens are allowed to be during the religious observance. That is just sick on so many levels.

Though the US wins, let us not forget the prisoners (ok, they may have a lot more time on their hands to rehearse!) who did it best:


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