Crush of the Week: Juanes…Ramble

Gracias Dios! Juanes is the definition of talented, intelligent, male rock star who inspires me. My fantastic friends introduced me to Juanes. We went to see him in 2002 during the ‘Un Dia Normal’ tour in the small theatre at Madison Square Garden. It was a big South American party. There were flags waving, butts shaking and everyone was having a good time singing along with the sexy rock star on stage.

Crush confession: When Nelly Furtado was promoting ‘Loose’ our conversation was 90% about Juanes. She seemed surprized a non-Latina knew who he was and loved their Latin Grammy winning duet ‘Fotographia.’ Por favor Nelly, talent in a hot package has no cultural boundaries!

When I worked at Sony, we were discussing a certain R&B smoothie. Now R&B does not traditionally sell well overseas, so you need a little extra something special to get interest even if you are an American R&B superstar. The magic flavor? A duet with Juanes which led to … John Legend performing on the Latin Grammys. Look how generous Juanes is with his talent! Gracias Juanes!

A few weeks ago Juanes sang his new song ‘Yerbato’ at the World Cup. It really gets the feet dancing. The man knows how to make great music. Baile gente!


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