Grrl Crush: America…Ramble

Isn’t it amazing we live in a land that celebrates America Ferrera once a year? (Wink, wink.)What is it about this lovely actress that is so endearing?

1) While she is a Latina in heritage she grew up in ‘The Valley’ going to more bar mitvahs than quinceaneras.

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2) In her film debut, ‘Real Women Have Curves’ she was 18 and had no problem owning the role in which she strips off her clothes and dances around in her underwear celebrating her curves.

3) Smart Betty! I went to see her speak at the DGA in LA after the first season of ‘Ugly Betty’- she is so smart and composed. She wasn’t thrown by any of the questions and really had a strong voice of her own.

4) Well…there are some that say we kinda look-alike. When I went to see ‘Real Woman Have Curves’ the usher said ‘wow you are in the movie.’ I was like what? I’m Asian, she’s Latin…. and then she smiled and from the side I was like ‘holy crap!’ It was like looking at myself.

When I was at Yahoo! I used a pic of America as my avatar. One of the engineers commented I was so lucky I got to goto The Golden Globes. I started joking back that purple is my favorite color, then realized he’s an engineer, he really thought it was me. Ten minutes later I gave up on the back and forth explaining that it wasn’t and that’s why it was kinda funny. ‘But you look alike’ Uh huh. I love engineers but this did not compute.

5) America has a big heart and shares her life with a golden retriever named Jerry. Dog people rock! Congrats on your engagement America The Beautiful!

Happy Fourth of July!


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