Mad About Mad Men…Ramble

When I was laid up on vicodin after a wrist operation a few years ago, a male friend told me to check out Mad Men. Say hello to a “rip-snorter” of a time my friends. Although a lot of women are outraged by the sexist and racist behaviour, I find it an amazing historical snapshot with some of the most intriguing plot lines in the history of television.

The depiction of race relations between Caucasians and African-Americans evolves as historical events collide with the series. It’s amazing to see the interactions where the liberals are pro-equal rights, but in their own home have no problem dressing up in Black Face at a party. Ouch!

Last year I tried to ‘Mad Men’ myself by creating an avatar created by Deep Focus. The company is aware of the race issue this year tried to incorporate more options so everyone can participate. I get that I’m a minority- and in a minority of females that would watch the show so am I expecting a lot? Perhaps.

I’m still messing around with the tool but apparently if you are Asian that means your eyes are closed. Does this look Asian? I can’t even tell anymore I’ve been messing around with the options for so long. In any case I wish I’d had this up do at my sister’s wedding instead of looking like the Eurasian version of Snooki. BTW, I’m not a smoker, I just like to play the part!


If you can come up with a version that looks more accurate or want to give this a try for yourself, head to


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