Face-Off: Colin Firth vs. Matthew MacFayden…Ramble

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When it comes to historical romance and embodying Jane Austen’s leading man, Mr. Darcy,  Colin Firth and Matthew MacFayden have both made women swoon. Here’s how they stack up:


COLIN: commands attention at 6’1″.  I guess he’ll never star opposite Tom Cruise. Most Hollywood actors tend to be on the shorter side.

MATTHEW: trumps Firth measuring up at an impressive 6’3″. Now there’s a man worth reaching up to!

WINNER: Macfayden


So happy together

MATTHEW: won hearts for his portrayal of Darcy opposite Keira Knightly. Though addicting, Keira’s heavy eyeshadow when she meets him wandering in the fields is distracting as the final scene when she instructs him he can only call her Mrs. Darcy when he is incandescently happy.

COLIN: In the BBC more traditional version of Pride and Prejudice, he was opposite Jennifer Ehle who played Elizabeth Bennett with grace and fun. She had an air of grace about her and played the part to perfection.

CF gets a second modern day EB in the form of Bridget Jones played by Renee Zwelleger . He portrayed a modern Darcy in ‘Bridget Jones Diary.’ Renee’s role as Bridget raised eyebrows as the American took on such an English character. However, she bulked up and got her accent down so perfectly all thoughts of anyone else in the role evaporated.

WINNER: Colin Firth


Both actors have won the BAFTA for acting.

COLIN: Won the SAG award for his portrayal of Lord Wessex in ‘Shakespeare in Love.” He was also nominated for an Academy Award for his work in Tom Ford’s “A Single Man.”  He has been nominated for 21 awards globally and won  13 of them.

MATTHEW: Aside from the BAFTA he also won the Royal Television Society, UK and New Zealand Screen Award. He has been nominated for six awards and won

Winner: Colin with a 60% plus average of winning. Matthew’s 50% win rate is also impressive.


COLIN: dropped his drawers most notably for Pride & Prejudice. If you watch the bonus material for Bridget Jones 2 Renee interviews Colin as Bridget:

Mmm, no wonder Colin’s co-star Jennifer Ehle didn’t let him go. The two dated for a while. Colin isn’t afraid of his appeal to both sexes. He played a gay man struggling with his sexuality in the 60’s in Tom Ford’s “A Single Man.” Go Colin, I love a man who is such a great actor a little dabbling in sexuality doesn’t scare him off from a role.

MATTHEW reads Shakespeare:

WINNER: Draw! Who wouldn’t take either one?

OVERALL WINNER: Colin by a hair. Matthew is a rising star who will be around for a long time. I’d like to see the two of them play opposite one another.

Both men are highly educated, well-travelled, married to fabulous women and provide us with enough characters to keep a girl locked away for the weekend with a box of tissues and full of romantic notions. The real winners? US!


5 thoughts on “Face-Off: Colin Firth vs. Matthew MacFayden…Ramble

  1. I am in Love with Mr. Darcy…. Matthew Macfayden is so georgeous and sexy, who cannot fall in love. Since seeing Matthew Macfayden in Pride and Prejudice, I have been watching all his other movies. He is simply Georgous!!!

  2. Colin has that sexy stare though and he’s a much better actor in my opinion (he can say so much without saying a single word!). He’s the one that started all the Jane Austen book revival and the reason we have so many Pride and Prejudice spin-offs that line entire shelves in the bookstore today. You can’t beat that. Plus, he’s still incredibly hot at 50 years old. Although he’s attractive now, I’d like to see Macfayden be able to claim that when he reaches 50!
    Come on people, Colin Firth will always be the best Mr. Darcy.

  3. I don’t really think that there’s a BEST Mr Darcy. They both played the roles spectacularly, and they are both very attractive. It depends more on the viewers than between Matthew and Colin.

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