Grrl Crush: Selma Hayak…Ramble

One day in Manly my friends and I went to the cinema. Let’s just say that the choices were limited and we saw Fair Game, the hideous pairing on Cindy Crawford and Billy Baldwin:

In the beginning of the movie, Billy’s character is shown to be a crappy boyfriend. His girlfriend appears and throws all of his stuff out the window, spicing up the movie and being hilarious. I had to do a double-take because she looked just like my best friend. It was none other than Selma Hayak. If you watched the above preview, her name wasn’t even listed.

I was at an MTV Movie Award Show and Selma came up right next to me. Again, I had to stop myself from saying “Giannina what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in Peru?” Alas it was Selma.

I heart Selma because she is fun, saucy, smart and hilarious. She dated Ed Norton and married a billionaire, brought ‘Ugly Betty’ and expanded my doppelgänger America Ferrera’s audience beyond the teen set  (America call me if you get into a scandel. I’ll let the paps follow me while you make your getaway), and got Frieda Kahlo biopic made! I can’t wait to see her in the Adam Sandler vehicle “Grown Ups.” She can hold her own on-screen and in life…unless there is a snake.


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