Double Kims Clunk Up Dirty Jers…Ramble

This week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey shed a spotlight on just how big a programming issue it is that the Manzos and Teresa will not interact with Danielle. That nasty, desperate Kim G. couldn’t keep her sick lies straight and act like a human for five seconds.

Kim G. told Caroline that Jacqueline was obsessed with Danielle…in earshot of Jacqueline. Um, yeah she heard that and she is kind of done with you and your crap finally.

The show got even more disjointed when the party planner, Elvira was introduced. What is it with Bravo adding party planners to the mix? I didn’t care for Jen Gilbert being stuck into the NY franchise and now this? At least Andy Cohen tweeted Elvira was definitely NOT a new housewife. Apparently Elvira had been sending out press releases about being added to the cast. It was odd. She insulted Teresa right off the bat and never stopped. Even though the party came out great it seemed bizarre that Teresa would hire her.

Back to Teresa’s actual housewarming party which included Jaqueline calling her the afternoon of the party to guilt Teresa into inviting Kim G. Seriously? Of course the chatter was about Danielle. It was ridiculous. It became even more forced when Kim D took the mic from Teresa during a speech she was making. Who the heck is that? She’s the woman who owns that tacky shop Danielle owns hundreds of dollars to and also vacillates between her loyalties.

All in all, it wasn’t the finest show but Bravo somehow finally manages to use the Kims as a bridge next week to set up Teresa and Danielle at the same event. Scenes from the next week mention a knife and sirens. I think Danielle is a serious liability. If I were  a Bravolebrity I would not be anywhere near her after all the threats she has made on camera.


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