Face-off Kit Kat vs Reese’s Dark…Ramble

Last summer Reese’s turned down the mood lighting on its milk chocolate to provide a much-anticipated dark chocolate version of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

The ads had me doing backflips in anticipation and even searching online as to which retailers had such delights on offer. I love the combination of peanut butter and dark chocolate together and would often make this combo myself. The thought of having this delight in drug stores and Bodegas everywhere made my mouth even guide me to the Hershey’s Time Square location. They were sold out.

Now I was even more determinded to seek out this delight. Finally, one night seeing Travis at Joe’s Pub, I went into a Duane Reade for water only to behold the elusive Dark Chocolate cups sitting there, seductively waiting for me. I hurried into the subway with my treats and ripped open the wrapper to savor my first bite.

Mmm so tempting!

Unfortunately it tasted of chemicals! It nearly sent me back to milk chocolate! Alas, my dark chocolate has antioxidents and frankly it’s what I prefer for the last decade minus my favorite Aussie Caramello Koalas! (Note to Aussie friends… I am out of them if a bag should perhaps find it’s way in the mail you might want to add my address to it and I will take excellent care with these lovely treats.)

The ads for Reese’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups still sound tempting but my palate never forgets and it saddened me, until I came across a little known delight that has been around since 2002, Kit Kat Dark Chocolate. WHAT?! I’m not really a Kit Kat girl. I like them but I don’t really seek out candy bars and go for the pure chocolate or truffles most of the time.

Break me off a piece of that....!

I decided to take a chance on Kit Kat that day. I am glad I did. No fancy ads luring me in, no anticipation and instead there was pure delight. Thank you Kit Kat you are the victor for making a scrumptious dark chocolate version of your snack!


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