5 Questions with @AmyBlogsChow…Ramble

Amy sipping on hot cocoa

Many of us were not born with the natural gift of being able to magically combine ingredients in a tasty way. We’re a modern world full of gadgetry where technology is now ubiquitous so skills like cooking are not always our first priority when it’s easy enough to eat on the go.

@AmyBlogsChow skips overwhelming instructions, caters to the urban dweller and make food easy and fun. She loves food but admittedly is not a chef so instead she created a video series where she gets those who are culinary masters to provide Stupidly Simple Snacks. Mmm! Delish.

Amy knows her food. She is tapped into food trends and provides the inside scoop with the most tantalizing photographs to accompany her words.

Location: Quito, Ecuador right now but usually New York City
Vocation: Freelance writer-food blogger
Sign: Aries

On the web:

1) Your blog has the most brilliant, colorful photographs that make the food come to life. What is your approach to capturing a good image?

I swear by natural light and my camera’s macro-focus. For every twenty photos, I love one, so I take many, many photos. Also, the type of camera makes a big difference. I use a Canon Powershot G10, which has some of the functions of an SLR camera, but is small enough to fit in a really big pocket.

2) What were two of your tips at the recent TechMunch during Internet Week (NYC) for Food Blogging?

There’s a lot of emphasis on attracting readers, but I talked about the importance of keeping readers engaged once they’re on your website. Linking to older posts and using tools like LinkWithin are good starts to prolonging a visitor’s stay. Also, I know that my Stupidly Simple Snack videos attract the most traffic, so I suggested that bloggers post (more) videos!

3) What are your favorite ingredients you picked up from your guests through your Stupidly Simple Snacks webisodes series?

I really love the boozy caramel sauce that I made with my friend Keavy Landreth who owns Kumquat Cupcakery. I use it on everything – sliced bananas, ice cream, cake, brownies, etc. You might want to keep it in a labeled jar though. My boyfriend thought it was apple butter and was pretty disappointed to find out it wasn’t once he slathered it on his biscuit and eggs.

(Grrlgenius note: Keavy has the best company photo headshot on her homepage! Cupcakes yum!)

4) What is your advice for people who are slightly intimidated by the kitchen?

Watch someone else do it first. I learn by example and then by doing, so cooking classes are great too. Maybe take several classes.

5) You’ve tweeted that you get nervous speaking in front of large crowds. Do you think it’s essential to be successful as a blogger to not only write, but develop in-person style for video/interviews/public speaking?

It’s not essential – I know some successful bloggers who are uncomfortable chatting with strangers and in groups. But, like in most jobs, it definitely helps to articulate yourself well, not only on the computer screen and on paper but in person too.


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