Crush of the Week: Guy Berryman…Ramble

Guy has the kind of stunning good looks that one has no choice but to acknowledge, openly admire and try to be around as much as possible. In fact, Coldplay’s frontman, Chris Martin is often guilty of bowing to Guy’s beauty during concerts. The bassist just keeps cool as always only making him all the more desireable.

I went to see Coldplay 3 times at different points in their Viva La Vida tour. In Philly, where plenty of tailgating did it’s best (my sister was hit in the head several times, I saw a woman piss on the floor of the private box bathroom!) ¬†our seats were on the side of the stage. I had tried to book tickets near the portion of the stadium where Coldplay came out at the end to play an acoustic set. Sadly, I realized I had read the map incorrectly when booking the seats. Woe unto me….fear not my fellow Guy fans as we landed on his side of the stage and he made sure to smile and acknowledge our section so we could swoon and get caught up in the Berryman madness.

Five reasons Guy is cool:

1) His name is Guy.

2) Being a bassist in one of the world’s biggest bands isn’t his only creative outlet- he is a gifted photographer and was even credited as photographer for A-ha’s 2009 release Foot of the Mountain. (Given Coldplay’s relationship with A-ha this isn’t a surprize but for those unfamiliar now you can take that random fact to bank in the random fact bank.)

3) Guy’s side musical project, Apparatjik are give away a few dreamy tracks here.

4) Guy is satisfied with making just his dreams come true, he believes in others and recently opened an antique business with his brother Mark.

5) He is the bassist in one of the world’s biggest bands, Coldplay and inspired this lovely photographic tribute:

Update: Guy is now back on the market look out ladies!


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