Baby Love 8…Ramble

Ah, how time flies, I remember just two months ago when Elle was so super tiny:

Now my furbaby is 12 lbs! She still tries to be an alpha and went crazy playing with Frenchies at a Frenchie Meet-Up this past Sunday:

Elle is in the front with the white patch on her butt

Elle still plays with any new food item and recently fell in love with carrots! They are good for her teething while those pesky adult teeth move in and replace the sharper baby teeth (I am so happy about that one.)

This morning I thought ‘Wow, she’s getting so mature’ as she propped herself up to take advantage of the zephyr while the cars zoom beneath us and look at the water full of sailboats and arf at Lady Liberty….. then I got the signal “pick me up!” so she could get a better vantage point and I was so happy. She’s still my baby.


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