Dirty Jers’ Kim G…Ramble

This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey presented Bravo with a big problem. None of the Manzo Clan or their family friend Teresa wanted anything to do with Danielle Staub. How to fix? Insert another Housewive, Kim G.

As previously mentioned, Kim G. looked appalled when Danielle’s male friend mentioned he was an ex-con just prior to the three of them climbing into Kim’s Bentley to attend a benefit at the Manzo-owned Brownstone.

Insert a ‘friend’ for Danielle in the form of Caroline Manzo’s son Chris’ best friend’s mother (got that?! ) Kim G.. Initially Danielle called out Kim G. as a friend of the Manzo’s during a ridiculous luncheon in honor of her daughter’s first fashion magazine cover. (FYI, neither said daughter or any of her friends were invited to the luncheon. Pazza! that’s Italian for crazy aka Danielle Staub)

Unlike Sonja Morgan who injected ‘helium’ into RHNYC, who would rather bring drama around making fun of herself than others, Kim G. goes out of her way to stir the pot. Any time she sees a Manzo the first words out of her mouth are about Danielle. Kim G. has been given a shot at the ‘faux fame’ Jerry Seinfeld despises on the show and she is running with it like a high school gossip complete with a leopard print head band I so covet more than any of her wealth. (That’s the Long Island in moi!)

Monday’s episode shed light on Kim G’s naughty behaviour and lies. She has been playing everyone off of one another. She told Danielle to have Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashley,  arrested for harassing her and she told Jacqueline she told Danielle to drop it as the adult. Che vero? (That’s Italian for tell me the truth you lying rich mofo!)

HERE’S WHAT: Kim G. is a great addition to the cast, unevenly and forcibly trying to unite two camps that want nothing to do with one another. She tried to follow Danielle and her thrown together group of girlfriends who all seem to have a penchant for violence and lowest common denominator humor (in response to a heartfelt note from the departing housewife Dina Manzano one ‘lady’ suggested writing back a note that started with an ‘F and ends with a U’ – I’m sure she is an etiquette teacher.)

It’s very entertaining to watch Kim G. try to infiltrate both sides so obviously. Caroline Manzo said on camera she called her to have lunch but she turned her down. Caroline doesn’t want to rock the boat with acquaintance, Kim G. because she wouldn’t want it to impact in any way the friendship of their two sons. *Does this sound like a nice way of saying she doesn’t want to film with this biatch?

Next week looks like Kim G’s lies catch up with her when she finally does get on camera with Caroline. Well that was quick! Grazie Bravo!


2 thoughts on “Dirty Jers’ Kim G…Ramble

  1. I say Caroline’s extremely wise not to want to get into any business with Kim G. Kim G. would do well to take her own son’s feelings into such consideration, above her wish to be famous. Shows what kind of mom Kim G. is. I think she’s icky.

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