New Yawk Housewives Reunion…Ramble

Last night was Part Duex: The Revenge portion of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion. Highlights were a plenty. The reunion dove right back into JillZarin (hey she says it as one word so I am too!) getting emotional with everyone trying to hold her accountable and her apologizing for her craptastic behaviour during the season. Last week’s had touched on Jill letting “fame” goto her head.

Bethenny (B) revealed JillZarin asked Alex and Ramona not to film with B for her new show ‘Bethenny Getting Married.’ Aiya! What the truck Jill? I’m so glad that Andy Cohen is the host and isn’t afraid to ask deep, probing questions that everyone at home wants to know. The reunion shows really address everything so if you didn’t watch all season, just watch them.

JillZarin really lost a lot of fans this season – me included and to being with I was really more intrigued by JillZarin than B. C’est la vie.

As for B she showed her own colors when Kelly Kiloran Bensimon was given the chance to comment on her “breakthrough” (this is the spin KKBS puts on it) or rather her breakdown (as everyone who is sane views it.) Even after Andy Cohen requested the other ladies let Kelly give her point of view on her break with reality (yes, I’m aware it’s a ‘reality show’) …. B felt the need to jump all over Kelly when she brought up the term systematic bullying:

Now, we all know the KKBS has some serious issues and dwells in a land of satchels of gold where she literally uses jellybeans as decoration in her homes, but I’m really just fed up with Bethenny. I’ve written this prior and I’ll just say that during last night’s reunion, I actually could see why Kelly’s fragile grasp of a world where people wear pants and coddle her have ill-prepared her to remain calm, cool and collected. There’s ratings to think of course but come on Bethenny, one minute you want to look like you are the noble one in the case with Jill Zarin and the footage showed how much it was both of you, and the next you decide to take you aim once again at KKBS whom everyone has acknowledged (including you!!!) is bat-shit banana split crazy (yes KKBS gets sugar in her crazy!)

B was a new mom of less than two weeks when the reunion shows were taped and she told off JillZarin for messing with her livlihood by asking Ramona and Alex not to film with her. B did gadmit she asked everyone not to film with KKBS before KKBS joined the show. JillZarin asked B why was it then okay for B to mess with KKBS’s livelihood? The unanswered question hung in the air like a brick.

There were a lot of those ‘do unto you as you would have done to you’ moments where the ladies just had selective amnesia. If Bethenny really is this wonderful, forgiving ‘I don’t want to win’ changed person and want people to back off when you are hurting, why don’t you back off too?

Living in New York I’ve dealt with a lot of over-medicated or neurotic people. Read a copy of Prozac Nation and that pretty much describes half of my college classmates. Once you realize and acknowledge you are not on an even playing field, no matter how cunning the person and how manipulative their actions are, then you, B, as the ‘sane’ person not as the ‘justified’ person or the ‘better’ person have  to either back away and let it alone or help.

I got really fed up having to deal with someone’s unstable antics on a regular basis as she bulldozed her way over others, when another person raised the issue and said they got a kick out of watching those antics and used the unwell person to carry out their own deeds. ICK!  Several months later,  I relayed one small sentence about that conversation and just like Meg Ryan’s character Kathleen Kelly in ‘You’ve Got Mail’when she finally nails Tom Hank’s henious Joe Fox to the wall, it didn’t make me feel better,  it made me the small person.

B, recognize that’s what those comments do. Everyone has their breaking point. You said you had your points where you couldn’t talk to people because it was too stressful and people had to respect that. How is that different than KKBS asking for the same latitude? I saw the season highlights of your new show include you peeing on-camera into a bucket in your wedding gown — now I know my breaking point!

p.s. Two hilarious Housewives commentaries on Twitter :@GingerZarin (Jill mocked by her dog) and @Bravo_Shrink (the Housewives so warrent one!)


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