Last Night in the Dirty Jers…Ramble

Last night on The Real Housewives of New Jersey it was highlighted that social media wars have ensued between Danielle and Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashley. Ash is 18 and super spoiled. She was cringing to be caught out and even her boyfriend told her to leave it alone.

As her Aunt Caroline said her intentions were to protect her family, but Ashley’s execution was wrong and unfortunately even though Danielle seems to have provoked some of it using the “she started it” excuse probably wouldn’t fly with the po’ po’ (police) when Ashley crossed the line making death threats and telling Danielle she’d see her in Hell.

WOWZA! If you were going to line up all the Housewives, Jacqueline and Alex McCord from New York would be the most sane and practical. Jacqueline is not one for causing drama, she’d rather just be giggling and be a good mom. Unfortunately Ashley doesn’t seem to appreciate just how good she has it. Boo Ashley your parents were going to pay for you to go college and instead you just basically start lame social media wars that are worthy of a blowhard businessman or a junior high kid.

Although Danielle shouldn’t be messing with the Manzo family offspring, Ash took it too far. She was even convicted of pulling Danielle’s hair in January. I thought pulling out people’s weaves for reserved for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, who can’t seem to get enough of pulling out Kim Z’s inexplicable weave. Is Ash getting inspiration from these women? I hope not. It’s time for some tough love Jacqueline maybe Steve Ward and his mother can create a ‘Tough Love: Outta Control Teens” special series for Vh1 or you could submit Ash for the next season of “Cut Off.”

Rich, botoxed and blonde, Kim G. seems to be positioning for a permanent fixture status on the show as she showed up in the beauty salon while Jacqueline was trying to enjoy a pedicure. Danielle was the topic much to Jacqueline’s chagrin. Of course, Kim G is a well-to-do-lady and expressed her lack of love for the disgraceful threats from Danielle’s ex-convict friend (Danielle “Hey, we’ve all been there” as in facing a judge in court and blaming someone else…..What the truck?), Danny in last week’s episode.

The big question which NJ Housewife has had enough of this? Next week’s promo tease states someone will leave the show for good. My money is on Dina who commented last season that Danielle “wants to skin me and wear me like last year’s Versace.” The blonde bombshell doesn’t have her daughter on the show this year and seems to be looking for a more peaceful way of life. She tried to reason with Danielle (who was the scary version of Kelly Kiloran Bensimon. This woman had muscle waiting in the parking lot just in case!) who is not sane. I think it was too much for Dina and we’ll see the rest of that arguement that was just tipping off as the episode came to an end. RRRRR!!! Cat fight!


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