I Heart Sarah Medway…Ramble

Sarah Medway is a modern artist taking inspiration from music. The first time I saw her work it was in her son’s home. As my eyes hungered for more, he gave me a booklet of some of her work.

Being a sonic person, it immediately filled me with the same feelings I get when I listen to classical music. As I read the descriptions I was a little surprized to find out my instincts were right and Sarah’s work was inspired by music.

Sarah’s use of color is so vibrant and eye-catching it fits right in along any modern work by Jackson Pollack or Cy Twombley. Her touch is light, yet powerful and it always strikes me with an air of light, adding a visual grace to any day and allowing the romantic side of me to get swept up in passion and romance. And now to writing, thank you Sarah for providing a bit of staccato to my day. xx



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