I Heart Cate Blanchett…Ramble

When I envision a regal figure, it’s no wonder that actress Cate Blanchett pops into my mind. She was the ultimate Queen Elizabeth– twice! and both performances were nominated for an Oscar.  Cate always projects a balance of power with a fragility and femininity in her roles including The Lord of the Rings cycle.

A ginger who dominates with her poise and grace, Ms. Blanchett embraces challenges working on stage all over the world and most recently selling out BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) version of “A Street Car Named Desire.”

I’m so excited that Russell Crowe had the good grace to know his age and wanted a powerful counterpart as his Maid Marion, of which Cate Blanchett pulls off another powerful performance complete with the enrichment of her deep laughter that never seems forced and always inspires me to laugh.

I leave you with a quote from this powerful woman: “If you know you are going to fail, then fail gloriously!”


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