Damn Decent Read: The Little Giant of Aberdeen County…Ramble

I won a copy of “The Little Giant of Aberdeen Country” from Getglue.com for being a Guru of some subject. It took a little time for it to actually show up so I’d completely forgotten about it but was delighted to read it.

Tiffany Baker’s debut novel is a charming and dark twist of medicine, magic and the power of love over size, circumstance and society’s norms. Written from the point of view of Truly, the ‘giantess’ who has a pituitary gland issue, it’s a powerful and poised novel that I felt would’ve been a person I know. Truly is somewhat naive and at the same time so smart about seeing people for who they truly are it’s a long time in coming before she fits her own skin.

I found Truly’s train of thought when comparing her stunning older sister, that in order for pretty to exist, ugly has to, an idea that probably Naomi Wolf (author of The Beauty Myth, a standard feminist reading) would applaud.

It led me back to ponder why many of the intelligent and riveting men I’ve come across in the business world (tech, record, media, etc.)  seem to pick a righthand who is almost the exact opposite – basically a ‘yes’ person who goes around collecting gossip and leaving a wake of trash talking and taking credit for other people’s ideas with a talent for doing a two-step side shuffle when it comes to taking the onus for any missteps.

Truly was  right about opposites needing to exist. There is no pretty without ugly, no highs without lows, no way for some to show off their intelligence without the security of stupidity next to them, no way to pull oneself right from going off the deep end unless you take responsibility and grab the reigns in your life.


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