Crush of the Week: Jackson Hurst…Ramble

Must love dogs....swoon he does

There’s something about a Southern Man that comes through in his delivery of a line, if not his accent. Jackson Hurst is a good ole Texan who plays the straight-out-of-a-soap-opera name “Grayson Kent” the lead romantic interest in ‘Drop Dead Diva.’ In real life he is an adventure seeker and a big dog lover. He even makes gear for American Cross Bones which makes ‘Rock n Roll Gear for Man and his Best Friend.’ (how bout us kickass girls and our Frenchies?!)

It’s a show I was initially really excited to support for my Asian sista funny-lady Margaret Cho. There isn’t enough of Cho in this series though so it was really more intriguing to try to understand exactly what Hurst’s character found attractive in his dead fiancée as her ‘spirit’ jumped into Jane, the wickedly smart attorney during a car accident.

Half-way into the season I found myself just watching for as much Grayson time as possible especially when he falls for the sexy and intelligent rival of Jane’s in the office. Hmm, so Grayson likes hot, smart lawyer types? What’s so wrong with that? Of course ultimately he realizes that woman is a little too cold-blooded for him and winds up lusting for Jane, who is really his former dead fiancée. Say what? What what.

Jackson Hurst’s killer baby blues became even more appealing after reading recent press where he says he has a crush on the lovely Rachel McAdams. They would have sensational looking babies. I met her once and she was just as lovely and wonderful in person as you might hope. Reading that he has a crush on her made me like him even more coupled with the fact he loves dogs (!!) and just finished filming with Brad Pitt. Whooahhh sign me up for a ticket to that movie.

I look forward to more swoon time with Jackson this summer. For anyone wondering where the real men are you don’t have to look far, you just have to turn on the TV.


4 thoughts on “Crush of the Week: Jackson Hurst…Ramble

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    1. Thank you although I’m not sure what Jax Hurst has to do with science unless we’re talking body chemistry! 🙂

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