Geeky Manner Ponderings…Ramble

Lately I’ve been thinking how funny it is to find people will post and comment on anything without any social responsibility because its “only online.” It reminds me of ghetto blasters or people cranking their music on a quiet street because they feel they have the right to use their “good taste” to impact on other people’s right to choose to enjoy the moment. Comments seem to escalate pretty rapidly to a place of junior high level intelligence.

The other night I was at the gym watching “Kendra” (sorry girl I have yet to make it through an entire episode but I still try once and a while cause you are just a ball of fun.) There was a scene where Kendra and Hank brought their baby Hank Jr. to meet Hef and his new girlfriend. They were all sitting around Kendra’s old room commenting about how just saying the word “sex” in interviews gets Kendra into trouble. Hank was upset because of people commenting online and admitted their words hurt. Why shouldn’t Kendra, a former Playboy Bunny a symbol of sexuality be allowed to have sex now with one man who she is married to? Are we so uptight that celebs can’t have sex with their spouses?

Another example would be when my friend @tidepooler ‘s audition “blog” for about her apartment received a random person commenting about how she hated when apartments show off people’s “sex mirrors.”  I looked the commenter’s other posts and it was the only time her post was full of negativity. Was anyone else going there? Was it necessary? It was a post about ‘green’ apartments…maybe this was an angry vegan who needed a protein influx.

Recently I decided to test out whether one of these online ghetto blasters would feel if I wrote something about their taste. BTW, I am not talking about people who go online and mess with people who are far too serious to begin with and if these commenters wrote something where the tone was sassy and still a dig, I wouldn’t be calling in the bummer squad when I read their posts, it’s the humorless that irk me.

When Law & Order: CI made the recent cast change fans went apeshit on Twitter. This one fan with ‘Benji’ in her handle even put up a sight called which gave me a flashback to junior high when my then best friend was so upset about the cancellation of Benson she had us all sign a petition and sent it to the network in a plea to keep it on the air. I kid you not. Benson was her passion. She used to also give our group of friends quizzes on Benson trivia. Ah pre-teendom!

Anyhow, the woman who runs the aforementioned site is online notorious and I have a friend who is connected to the show and sick of her ghetto blasting this change and anyone online who doesn’t agree with her as just ‘another dumbass USA watcher.’ Um, okay. Ms. Benji mentioned in several of her tweets she was no longer going to watch TV as a result of the cast change. So my ‘poke the bear’ tweet to her said maybe less TV watching would be a good thing. This lady writes back to me and calls me a jackass, stupid, etc. and then chastises me for “attacking” someone online I don’t even know. HA! Welcome to social media my friends. If you don’t want someone to write back to you then protect your tweets. If you are out there all the time poke, poke, poke and you can’t take a little poke back it just cracks me up so … then I guess I still did get to laugh.

Awright online ghetto blasters it’s time to ramble on out with Elle.


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