5 Questions with @alywalansky…Ramble

There are people around the net that I’ve known for years. We cross paths at events so to try to pinpoint the source of when we met is nearly impossible. @alywalansky is one of those amazing, vibrant doing-it-for-herself digital wunderkinds and I have great affection for that and following her writing around the net.

Location: Brooklyn, NY (and wherever the interweb takes me!)
Vocation: Writer
Sign: Sagitarius

1) You’ve been able to live a glamorous life being a digital personality. What tips do you have for people who’d like to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle?

My  life doesn’t feel glamorous to me, but it certainly doesn’t  suck. Just stay true to your dream — once upon a time, if someone had told me I’d travel all over the world in the name of style, I’d say they were crazy!

2) As a fashion expert, you’ve come in to contact with many glamorous people. What has been your favorite experience with a fashion celeb (aka Anna Wintour) in the last year?

I have something really exciting, fashion celeb-related, coming up next week. I can’t say what it is yet, but follow my twitter and you’ll soon find out!!! I went to a brunch hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker a few months ago…that was an amazing moment in my life!

3) As a frequent traveller, where do you suggest people travel to over the summer?

Try to pack light – but smart. I’m in Zürich this week, and suddenly – they are having a cold spell. It’s 30 degrees here!!! My best advice is to try to layer, whatever the season – I currently have t-shirts, hoodies, and cardigans with me – and they all work with both jeans and skirts. That way, I can adapt to the weather and not have it ruin my trip.

4) How has technology effected fashion trends?

SO much – I love that I can send wardrobe queries — I have them all the time!!! – and have them judge. But also, you can compare prices online and never leave your home!

5) What are the best simple solutions to keeping your skin healthy and glowing while you travel?

Hydrate! Drink as much water as possible – flying dries you out, and changing hours/schedules can mess with your system as well.


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