Crush of the Week: Russell Crowe…Ramble

Hilshire! Farm! Gooooo Meat!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie oi! oi! oy vey, we’re in New York not Oz. Folks around here are spared that drunken cry for the most part. There is a rugged pull about Russell Crowe and I can imagine him getting rowdy and stirring a crowd playing with his band 30 Odd Foot of Grunt.

What’s great about this talent Aussie shit stirrer?

1) Temper temper- Russell shows he is all man with his temper. He’s got a short fuse, which is oddly intriguing.

2) Weight fluctuation he’s not afraid to alter his appearance for a good role or look like an old man about to bust at the seams out of his prime. All this makes for an Oscar caliber actor.

3) Characters RC has excellent taste in his roles. I could watch ‘Gladiator’ about another 100 times and still be entertained. The trailers for ‘Cinderella Man’ were so off-putting to me but I caught it on cable and shazam! tear jerker had me cheering for him– again!

4) Tag lines: “My name is Gladiator.” Hell yeah! I can’t wait to see him in Robin Hood which has already taken $6 million in 3 countries and opens this weekend in the US.

5) Realistic- unlike his fellow Aussie actor, Mel “I Hate Jews But Everyone Will Forget If I Make Them A Trillion Dollars” Gibson-  Mr. Crowe knows his age and when a younger Hollywood starlet was being consider as his Maid Marion, he instead suggested his peer Cate Blanchett. Hell to the yes!


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