Crush of the Week: Robert Downey Jr. …Ramble

I AM Iron Man.

The action movie signifies the arrival of summer. Flashback to two years ago to a line that harkens this year’s summer blockbuster season: “I AM Iron Man!” Hell yes! Although early reviews have not been favorable, the huge box office numbers says “Yeah baby” 100 million times over! Who’s laughing now? Kerbang.

Iron Man 2 is released in the US on manana. Yeah-f’in-hoo I will be there! Admittedly there were zero expectations on my side for the first one given I was unfamiliar with Iron Man prior and had walked out of The Watchman (painful!) The difference? Iron Man was made into a film anyone who wasn’t a comic book maniac could get into immediately.

The revival of Robert Downey Jr. lies in his wife and producer, Susan. Normally I don’t mention my crushes’ better halves, but Susan is one amazing woman who is and was  kicking ass on her own in Hollywood with or without RDJr.  Go Suse!

As for RDJ his career is on fire. What is about a man in his 40’s that makes him so utterly undeniable?

a) Wearing a red power suit that can fly

b) Delivering smug lines with the depth of a veteran and a twinkle in his eye

c) Gearing up for another successful legendary character-franchise: the sequel to last year’s Sherlock Holmes

d) He’s been to prison- is that hot? Kinda.

e) He is still a bit funny in da head in the best kind of way.

I’m also excited RDJ was the one who got Gwyneth Paltrow on board. He asked her if it would be nice to be in a film that actually made some $! HA! GP had her sense of humor about her and conceded the fact it would be very nice to be in a blockbuster over her normal artsy fair.

Pulling out the awesome is Don Cheedle and ScarJo, who I saw in A View From The Bridge a few months ago and gave me new respect for her acting chops. Rock on Iron Man!


4 thoughts on “Crush of the Week: Robert Downey Jr. …Ramble

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