Baby Love 4…Ramble

Being a puppy parent is tough! Disciplining the cutest puppy on earth is a task that has me looking at life in a whole new way.

It was so cold out at night just a few days ago so I finally got her in her t-shirt that says ‘Rock n’ Roll Bitch.’ I couldn’t stop laughing especially when she looked up at me like ‘what are you laughing about?’

It’s very hard to get still shots of her. The week went on with Elle learning that if she stays outside and sits there people and dogs will come along to give her affection. Uh oh!

Cut to Thursday when we crossed paths with a huge pitbull. A lot of larger dogs just ignore her puppy energy. It’s hilarious seeing her try to leap up to try and get attention while they remain nonpulsed.

There are always exceptions to the rule and the pitbull lay down on the sidewalk (his human said for the first time ever!) and let Elle jump all over his face. It was quite  a sight. People have remarked they didn’t realize how small Elle is given the photos I’ve put up of us. Well I’m not a giant and neither is she so these pics will give you a great idea of the proportions of my lil stinker.


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