Crush of the Week: Ed Burns…Ramble

Throw a penny on Long Island and you’ll find a good ole Irish Catholic fella (or I can just look at my Dad or my multitude of cousins), the easy-going kind who knows how to party and looks fine just slipping on a stripped polo shirt or simply a pair of 501 Blues. Enter “Eddie” Burns.

Yeah, that’s how he introduced himself purely as Eddie when my luck o’ the Irish brought me into an impromptu meeting with him. I had a flash back to working on a small indie film with Martin “Call me Marty” Scorsese. It warms the cuckolds of my heart to interact with well-known successful people are that friendly. Successful people with grace are the ones I love the most.

Eddie was exactly as unassuming, cool and mellow and a truly clever fellow. That’s pretty amazing considering he’s married to NYU grad aka legendary supermodel Christy Turlington (love her!). It’s his passion for indie filmmaking that makes Eddie my crush this week. He truly cares about supporting new forms of getting movies out there– beyond NY, LA and film festivals.

Perhaps you’ve heard this year’s Tribeca Film Festival buzz includes Eddie’s new film “Nice Guy Johnny” about a sports radio journo who is ready at the tender age of 25 to give it up for a higher paying souless exsistence just to satisfy his finance and his parents. Burns plays (in addition to directing and writing the film) Johnny’s shit talking tell-it-like-it-is uncle who is determined not to see his nephew go out like that.

That common theme is something many creative people face– when is it time to give up the dream? At what point do you say I’ve been scraping by for years and now it’s time to give up that dream for a solid, steady job that will make other people happy. As Beyonce would sing “uh oh uh oh ooo oh na naaa.” If you are crazy in love with your dreams what is it that will tear you away from them? Finances? Family? Love? Death?

Eddie was at his own crossroads with his dreams of staying an indie filmmaker or just cash in as a director-for-hire. There’s mortgages and kids growing up, etc. to factor in to making his creative and now financial decisions. What does one do? How bout making a great film about that struggle and making it available to people via a virtual pass? Well hello! Enter “Nice Guy Johnny” and Tribeca Film Festival’s virtual pass which is on sale –$45 bucks for 8 movies watchable until May 2nd.

It makes me smile that Eddie made the choice to make this film. It’s very relatable. I really liked it and I’m loving my virtual pass so I can watch films at home and not have to worry about showtimes or spending less time with my puppy (she is very demanding!) who needs training. The virtual pass (and now considering the VOD option for more films) gives the budding Stephen Kings in bumfuck nowheresville the chance to expand their minds with current films and I love that. Geeking out over how much I have refallen in love with the magic of movies this year. (SXSW panel on Horror Films was the best panel I went to and it had zero to do with anything digital. Shocker!) I’m gonna wind down right now  and watch”Spork” (the girl’s bff is named Tootsie Roll. It is like totally like wow! go 80’s!)

Hats off to you Eddie Burns for reigniting my film curiousity. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Update: MOFO OF G!!! I’m so pissed now that I missed the premiere because freaking Chris Martin was there. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! okay, vent over but I may never watch Law & Order: CI as a result.


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