Baby Love 3…Ramble

Elle has changed my life. I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since we came into each’s lives. People keep coming over saying ‘I had to cross the street just to see her.’ Law & Order: CI was filming on our block Friday night and the crew (BTW fellas you love my baby so much why did you leave cigarettes by all the trees?) delayed me so much playing with her I missed being able to utilize a last minute VIP pass to The Tribeca Film Festival.

Elle and I get snapped for our 2 week anniversary!

Well, all is fair in love. Elle has completely changed my life. She is a very strong willed girl. She lets me know when she’s annoyed by relieving herself right next to a wee-wee pad. She doesn’t like to be ignored so she tries to eat the cell but so far hasn’t managed to get it yet! At night she races around me and is hilarious leaping over my legs.

I may have to start charging for her photo. Seriously.

If you see us please don’t interrupt her doing her business. She is a shy pooper. Kindly acknowledge the human who is at the other end of the leash before you try to scoop up my baby. That’s my fabulous baby! I don’t try to pick up human babies out of their strollers.

We are currently writing lyrics for Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ for our themesong and we love watching the sunset while Lady Liberty holds her touch up high.

xx Elle & Human Mommy


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