Crush of the Week: Mark Wahlberg…Ramble

How you do-innnnn?

It’s such a good vibration of hotness jumping out of the TV whenever the lame ads for “Date Night” show Mark Wahlberg shirtless. Sigh. Swoon.

It doesn’t hurt that his 12-pack is ever ready to be exposed (he looks fine in a suit too see below!) but the thing that really gets me ignited is his eyes. There is a depth there that speaks of pain and knowledge of life that no pearl wearing girl will every understand but yet all of them flock to him like he was the Barney’s annual sale foaming at the mouth.

Mark is one of those all-round talented guys who is a true chameleon andĀ believable as a loner to a huge action hero. His Calvin Klein modeling days brought in the cha-ching but he was smart enough to parlay it into a lucrative film and producing career. Walhberg’s involvement in ‘Entourage’, the HBO series based on his life may be limited but damn, that show is still entertaining and only makes wanna hang with Mark even more.

The dude is so nice evenĀ animals can’t resist his charms. (if you don’t click or need a brief refresher since isn’t international- it’s an SNL clip of Andy Sandberg Mark talking to farm animals and mostly telling them ‘say huh-low to ya matha for me.) Of course, Andy Sandberg forgot that Mark is one badass mofo from Baaaastan. Perhaps Andy should’ve watched “Departed” a few more times before coming up with that sketch.


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