Get A Neck Brace, Head to the Louvre…Ramble

What a feeling, staring at the ceiling

There’s nothing like falling in love. You have dreams in colors that unfold and wrap the world in the insanity of chemicals racing through the course of your body. When there’s a lack of love, there are many things to restore those feelings and give one hope and inspiration.

I find that salvation and renewal in art museums. Now my favorite spiritual leader, Cy Twombly, who’s masterful strokes fill my soul with joy and awe has a permanent collection that puts him where he belongs in the company of all the masters–he has become part of the permanent collection at The Louvre!

As if I needed another reason to goto Paris again, Cy’s work is on the ceiling. What are you waiting for? Goto the Louvre, look up and you’ll find such a feeling when you’re staring at the ceiling….oh yes that’s a Lionel Ritchie reference and you got it. So enjoy and get that feeling.  xx


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