I Heart : Saffron Burrows…Ramble

Seriously, don't turn around just run.

Since I have all these great man crushes, I should give the fairer sex the same airtime. Of course, if you read my blog regularly you know that I j’adore Gwyneth ‘That’s not happiness to see me’ Paltrow.

You probably recognize Saffy Saff from a lot of character roles she has had in films (just a sampling folks)

a) Circle of Friends: the very naughty social-climbing friend Nan who has  a mad-affair with Colin Firth in one of his slimer roles.

b) Hotel de Love- a little Aussie indie film in which she works at a rundown hotel that is trying to come back to life under the watch of two brothers who inherit it.

c) Deep Blue Sea– as Dr. Susie: we violated the Harvard Compact & altered the sharks genes. As a result the sharks got smarter.

You stupid Bitch! (Damn I love that scene!!!)

d) Troy- as the frail wife of the beloved Hector (Bantastic alert sigh….) who is shattered once her man dies infront of all of Troy in a battle with Achilles. Boo!!! (That is the point I turn off Troy.)

e) The new partner of Jeff Goldblum on none other than Law & Order: CI. This has sparked a lot of whiny, long-time viewers to declare they will never watch this Dunt Dunt spin-off again. Whatever! People I have watched that show from day 1 as well and while I love them, this transition has been going on for over a season. Seriously will there be as much backlash when Chris Maloney leaves SVU? If you are so obsessed with these actors allow them the creativity to bow out when they are done. Maloney has been on SVU for 12 years!

I ramble….back to Saffron. Good for you my dear! I’m glad to see a bit of fresh blood and some new storylines. For sass: yes,  Saffron could get afford to eat a few of those cop donuts!


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