Crush of the Week: Gerry Butler…Ramble

Keep your skirt on!

Woot! Woot! The train has left the station and I’m running for it, not running after the unbelievable ripped body of ‘300’ – since I found him more ugly attractive in that but Gerard Butler, funny Scotsman. Bad Boy, Bad Boy what are you gonna do?

1) Have a blast! Travel round the world on adventures with your lifelong friends to remote terrain like Iceland.

2) Flirt with every woman on earth, I think my number hasn’t come up yet but when it does I won’t be side-stepping that as other ladies have due to his Lothario reputation.

3) Be a great sport- he never hesitated to done the blue and white kilt with Ellen’s face on it during a recent appearance on her show.

4) Be Committed To His Temple (His Body) – he revealed during his Jimmy Kimmel he went on a cleanse for 16 days. Ack, sound shitty? He then went on to say he did a week of just eating 500 calories a day to get his body slenderized after bulking up too much for roles.

5) Expand his range- okay, so that ill-fated romantic comedy with Jen Aniston was no “Hangover,” but he is in the number one animated movie “How To Train Your Dragon” as a Viking father winning him yet more soccer moms as fans.


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