X-tina Returns with an F- You…Ramble

Damn, forget the last image of Christina Aguilera as the 50’s vamp with a suggestive mouth. Remember the leather chaps? Well, who could really forget them? X-Tina has been unleashed again and motherhood seems to only have softened her penchant for spankings, whips and tight-fitting black leatherware for “Back To Basics” (opps there was that greatest hits only at Target too.)

If you haven’t heard the new single “Not Myself Tonight” then you are in for the naughty X-Tina who’s going to get you ready to go out tonight… as a dominatrix! I’ve always loved the pint-sized artist who is one of five artists who’s given me the chills live with her vocal stylings and attitude. She is never boring or watered down and that’s what I love about her. Come reclaim your title Ms. Milf!

I absolutely love that there’s are plenty of covers of it on YouTube.


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