Dear Kindle, I Love You…Ramble

A very generous friend of mine sent me a Kindle after we had a long discussions about books. Ok, he listened to me and said he never reads books just newspapers and magazines so he was going to send me a brand new Kindle he had sitting in his office. Thank you Corporate America!

Prior to getting my Kindle I didn’t really see the need for it for the average person. It wasn’t like an iPod I had to have or perish. People I knew who had them were frequent business travellers who often don’t have a lot of time to peruse but then find themselves with downtime in airport lounges, planes and hotels. It made sense. I could also see how that would translate to someone like a soccer mom in a book club who can pre-order and download through the Whisper system for their book club. It’s on one device, they can cross off bookstore or library off their schedule and still participate.

Once the Kindle arrived it made me more giddy than any of the guys I’ve gone out with in the last two years. Geek response to this thought: “Well, the Kindle is so cool.” Thanks Hot Brit Geeks.

Hey people the publishing industry, this is not an industry killer, it expands your audience to the business traveller, doesn’t take as much room up physically as several books and if someone tells you about a book that sounds great, you can buy it instantly and be reading it on the subway home. Old school traditional iPods do not have the wireless feature to purchase on-the-go. In an instant world, I’m an instant girl.

Now that I have my Kindle you bet I brought it to the beach. I love that I can make annotations about passages I really like for later on & don’t have to actually go back to the book, Kindle will save it for me collectively. Yeah Kindle. For people who have said ‘hmm, that doesn’t really appeal to me’ I have to ask if you’ve ever tried one? I had a lot of thoughts about it before I received it and now it’s a daily companion which helps to satiate my voracious reading appetite. ¬†As Stephen King advises in his book on writing to budding authors you should be reading constantly everywhere. I’ve seen people at the gym with DVD players, you’ll spot me with my Kindle.

What about the font you wonder. Well my friend you can adjust the size and no need for a bookmark, you slide that thing off and Kindle keeps the page for you. Thanks Kindle, I love you!

As for Mr. Ipad (with that name..ugh!) coming on Saturday morning at 9 A.M. thanks Apple for the constant emails. Who would buy anything first generation from you after you’ve already announced you will have more features in the next model in the not-very-far-off-future? Hmm, oh no. I’m happy with my Kindle without haven’t to wonder about buffering getting in the way or getting distracted from a story and using my imagination to envision what the writer is telling me instead of having an interactive photo or video right at the second the author mentions it. I do think those features will be cool in the future but the power of words and imagination can get stunted by visual overload.

I once met an actor (hint he is prone to go shirtless) at an MTV party and somehow ended up in a debate over whether the movie version of the book it was based on was easier to take/more entertaining then reading the book. The book had a lot of violence and involved a rape of a young girl. Reading about the rape was so upsetting as my mind’s eye went to dark, dark places which ultimately made me put down the book and stop reading it. In the movie, the rape was indicated with movie magic but did not show the specifics the way the book outlined them. In the case of Harry Potter (and most other movie adaptions of books to film) I’ll take the books and wait for the movies to be on cable.

Mr. iPad I applaud you adding a new dimension to reading and to see if this increases sales for books, movies, magazine subs, but for now, while you work out the kinks, the buffering, etc. I’m delighted with my Kindle which I finally got to test out on the beach, sealing my love with an azul ocean background. Hurrah!


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