Crush of the Week: Matthew Macfayden…Ramble

I want your love, la, la, la, love

A young female wanders the moors in the early hours haunted by her rejection of a marriage proposal which she now wishes would magically be proffered once more. She is haunted by her own pride as she sullied her gown and looks wistfully with full smoky eyes into the light to see a figure approaching.

As she wanders, so does he, in breeches no less with a wild look in his eyes. He confesses with his beautiful stumbling over the words “I-I-I love you.” His feelings have not changed and you can hear a collective sigh of women agreeing to marry him with more enthusiasm than the woman’s “Well, then.” He is Fitzwilliam Darcy played by Matthew Macfayden. Matthew is worth watching relentlessly every time “Pride & Prejudice” airs on cable TV and also, when um, we push play on the DVD version too. Swoon. (You know you do!)

It was with some delight that I happened upon him in another film, not recognizing him instantly but the poise, the extreme comedic timing made me stop and shriek with laughter watching “Death At A Funeral.” Who knew Matthew was so diverse & completely hilarious playing a straight-laced responsible grieving son who quickly establishes what kind of film it will be when the coffin is open and he utters “that’s not my father?” Oppsie! I’m a little sad this brilliant film has already been remade into what looks like an over-the-top-in-your-face version with Chris Rock. Love you Rock, but oh man the original is only 2 years old and totally amazing. People see the original! It’s a strong ensemble piece with Matthew at the heart of it which will have you gasping for air you are laughing so hard. (p.s. Shame on you Peter Dinklage for reprising your exact same role from the original genius version!)

As if I wasn’t already excited to see “Robin Hood,” it turns out Matthew is in the film coming out this year. Hurrah! Now I may not have swooned over him in his role in “Frost/Nixon” but this is a major talent I cannot get enough of and fortunately the movie world agrees. Thank you casting directors!

Suggestion moviemakers: Matthew as a Bond.

Is Matthew a better Darcy than Colin Firth? Vote in my Face-off Poll.


6 thoughts on “Crush of the Week: Matthew Macfayden…Ramble

  1. Thank you to whomever gave me a ‘Digg’ on this crush. I adore Matthew so I’m glad to find out there are so many others who share my affections for him.

  2. He is so hott. I swear. I just want to have sex with him everyday. His face and voice make me have orgasms. Why is he so friggin sexy in Pride and Prejudice.!! <333 GODDD WHAT A STUDD!!


  4. Matthew Macfadyen is fantastic i would love to see him as James Bond after seening him in P/P i cant wait to see him in other movies ect. My what a handsome man. Mary

    • Why yes Mary, yes he is fantastic — poised to be the next Colin Firth with the potential for intelligent action hero. Swoon factor: maximum!

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