Shapeshifting Men…Ramble

Step 1- watch this inciteful little number:

Step 2: Throw away all your relationship self-help books. They are about as useful as the above video.

Step 3: Visit the original YouTube page (from The Onion folks) to read the great comments like:

“I tried to look for these books to buy, but could not find anywhere?”

HAHAHHAA! Oh how I love the Internet… of course, after I finished laughing at the video and comments I felt really sorry for people who are looking for any way to classify what they already know- their relationship isn’t worth having. Ladies if you are looking in a book, you already know you should run as fast as you can from your man.

I think woman have a tendency to be more likely to ‘shapeshift’ to catch and keep a man. If your man isn’t going out of his way – ie from sloven couch potato to romantic & thoughtful dinner date- is he worth it? Don’t you actually want a shapeshifter? Who wants to be with a person who has one role, one mood and only one function? Boring. Shape shift away into something good!


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